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My unique approach to Wedding Photography


From natural/candid reportage photography to portrait showcases or a bit of both, it’s your day and you can choose the style you want.


I would like to think that what I have to offer is pretty unique. I love to create almost fine art looking images that would look good in a magazine, or more importantly on your wall at home. I like to fuse this with an editorial feel capturing the energy and emotion of your day naturally. I am inspired by cinematic film sequences and music videos and try to apply this innovative approach into my photography. The pictures of Jennie below were taken at her wedding in February 2017. This is by no means a conventional set of wedding photographs, but it was just something that was spontaneously developed in the evening of her wedding day and was a lot of fun to do…



Without emotion, wedding photos look dull and flat. There’s a well know phrase coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson of capturing “the decisive moment”. As an experienced wedding photographer, I have developed a natural instinct for predicting when that next magic moment is going to happen. There are obvious key trigger points such as the father of the bride seeing the dress for the first time or that amazing shot of grandparents together on the dance floor. I am always looking and waiting for the “decisive moment” to happen…


Posing vrs “scene setting”

I know that when many couples get in touch with me they want me to know that they don’t like posing and prefer the natural “stuff”. Who can blame them, I don’t think I would like to be posed either – there are of course some who love posing…

My portraits always look natural, it’s a simple case of creating a situation and environment for the the magic and natural connection between husband and wife to shine through. I will always hunt out that perfect backdrop ready for the the two stars to take centre stage and and let their real emotions flow before the lens. Funnily enough, couples always say how much they enjoyed the portrait sessions and how comfortable they felt with me afterwards.


The creative use of natural or artificial light

With unpredictable weather in the UK and year round bookings, a successful photographer has to be the master of both natural light and their own source of artificial lighting. Harsh shadows in low sun can either make or break an image and knowing when to shoot and when to hold off can be a difficult decision. Sometimes a venue may pose a number of interesting challenges, in which case understanding off camera flash techniques for example to add spectacular lighting to a first dance can really pay off. I shoot both natural light photography using professional “fast lenses” and use effective bounce flash or off camera lighting when necessary.


Working hard on the day, blending in and staying calm

It’s been said to me so many times (the last time was by a member of staff at Dumbleton Hall) that people have never seen a wedding photographer work so hard. I would hate to produce mediocre work by turning up and not really engaging with the day. It’s so important to have a good rapport, not just with the Bride & Groom but all the guests. There are elements of the that can test the nerves of even the most experienced photographer (the Group Photos!), but with careful planning, good humour and patience the day can go by without too much fuss, leaving you to enjoy your wedding.


Want to know more, have a question or want to have a chat about your special day, feel free to get in touch!




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